Monday, April 18, 2011


Ahhhh,,,,,phewww......(and many such expressions later..) Google finally happened.
I am writing this post in the official capacity of a Googler (though right now technically I am still a Noogler)

I have been a kind of silly, nerdy and annoying kid growing up in my small town. Since there was nothing much to do there apart from playing cricket, riding bicycles and studying, one of my favorite time pass was - Asking questions.
Some of my family members would happily vouch for the fact that they didnt want to be around me most of the times when I was on my question asking spree.
Whys, Whos, Whats, Whens and Hows ruled my day.
I wanted to know everything about everything that was going around me.

Years passed by and internet happened and I was in love, not with email (or with the numerous seedy websites I had heard about),but with the whole Idea of internet.
I used to wonder how can someone come up with this revolutionary idea of information on demand. But still if I had questions, they were to be answered by Family, friends or magazines.

My peers heaved the final sigh of relief when the questions stopped, not because I had stopped being inquisitive, but because something had happened in faraway Silicon Valley which changed many lives forever.

Google was born and believe me I havent asked a proper question to any living being since then.

Everything that I ever wanted to know was surprisingly there. Google has been iconic since then, even before I graduated with my Business Masters I had dreamt of working for someone like Google.
Why?? was it the perks and coolness stories that I had read??? --NO
Was it because Google has been on top of all Best employer list the world over?? --NO
Was it because of the money Google puts on offer?? --NO

The only reason I wanted to work for Google was because this one company has changed the life of a inquisitive young boy long before it became cool or had the legendary cash everyone talks about. It was because Google is different, It was because Google says "Dont be Evil" and also because Google is going to change the world we live in (and I surely dont mind the perks, benefits, the coolness and the money though)

Thanks for hiring me, Google - looks like I have just clicked on "I am feeling lucky"


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