Monday, October 26, 2009

Whats keeping me busy..???

Well, It has been ages since i last put my fingers on the keyboard. So, it actually feels very nice to be writing something.
Last 3 months have been nothing less than very very eventful for me, both personally and professionally. Faced a lot of situations where i was supposed to make some very crucial decisions (I hope i exercised good judgment)

Well to come to the point, One of the most important decisions in my life has been taken, that of getting married (which could also be written as - losing freedom or 'end of life' in some parts of the world), but to make it easier for everyone I have written getting married. Its happening and its happening now. On the 4th of November of this year my marital status would change. I cant say i am not excited, I am, totally excited. More so because in 6 years of having a girlfriend, all i wanted to do was get married to her. So, its happening now and i don't want to take anything away from the occasion (though for someone as fiercely independent as me, I simply do not know, how to react to this situation.

Ok, that was the nuptials part, now comes the professional front. Change of job....yeahhh,, the kind i was waiting for,,it just popped in front of me from nowhere and I grabbed it with both hands. So now I have a New Job, New House, New Car and within a weeks time, a New(obviously)Wife and and and a new relationship Status - "MARRIED".

Looks like my hands are already full with the stuff that I have accomplished and also the stuff that has to happen.
For sure blogging and writing would have to take a backseat for now.

Will write back in a few days,,,,by then i would be a different person...