Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am Back !!!!!

I am Back, though this time not with promises of writing frequently but just because I wanted to write.
Completed 1 year of being married, and it has been such a wonderful fun journey that I did not realize we are a year older as a couple.
This past one year has also been a serious roller coaster journey work wise, there have been days and weeks that I felt like a champion and still other when I felt like being down in the dumps. Being a thorough fatalist it has been relatively easier for me to comprehend the happenings as a handiwork of benefic and malefic planetary positions :)

But there is this one question that keep coming back to me in search of answer, which I have still to come up with.
"Would I ever be able to live the life that I have always dreamed about"

I am not complaining, i am living a good life, just that I wanted it to move in another direction.

Lots and lots of introspection coming up in next few days, just to determine where I am heading.

Hope to see a direction, hope I find the lighthouse, Hope someone hold my finger, hope there is a crystal ball.