Saturday, April 25, 2009

IPL oh IPL ....!!!!!

I woke up in the morning and was still thinking about last nights IPL game between Kings XI and Bangalore RC.

That becomes more surprising because in my 27 years of existence on the face of the blue planet, the first thing that comes to my mind after waking up is FOOD (when i was young and lived at home, eating it but now eating had been preceded by cooking).

Its amazing how it works, right from the time the news starts coming out, of IPL matches coming up, and the amazing hype it generates, I start cribbing about the 'overkill' and how daily cricket can take the charm away.
But, boy let it start and i start experiencing 'mood swings' whole day depending on my favorite team’s performance.

I am confused (though not as much as i was during the last years event), i could not channel my loyalties for any one particular Team, if "its all about loving your city". Though i don’t even expect my hometown team to play in IPL (lol) but a team from Shimla would have been a saving grace.

This time i m supporting the Delhi daredevils owing it to the fact that i would be completing my 2nd year of residence in the city. I could have supported Kings XI Punjab also, because its based just 110 odd kilometers away from my hometown, and it takes less time to reach there from Bilaspur as compared to reaching Firoz shah Kotla from Noida.
I seriously hope Delhi Daredevils win this time, or at least play till last legs of the tournament. The sheer prospect of watching someone like Virender Sehwag play and devastate anything that comes towards him at 140 khph is a huge excitement.

3 players i am supporting this season :

1) Virender Sehwag

2) Adam Gilchrist

3) Shane Warne (my childhood hero).

Let’s see which way the coin falls. Thanks to Mr Modi that we are at least watching it on TV.

Happy IPL to all of you.....

DD Rocks


Friday, April 24, 2009

My First Post

Hi everyone, (if there is anyone)...
At last, my first post, have been trying to start this for at least a year now, but i thought I should at least have a "theme" to write about, now i realize it was the thing we call (and always pronounce incorrectly) 'PROCRASTINATION'.

But now finally i am on it and would continue writing, no matter how crappy it may be.
A Little confessional though, i am not a writer or a poet, so this blog is bound to have a lot of unusual posts.

Also plan to keep it updated with the travels i am planning in coming months.

Enough for the first post.

Back at it soon.