Monday, May 4, 2009

The new plan (new motivation)…

Every time this happens to me, I feel as if it’s the best phase of my life, and it’s happening again. Last time it was my pursuit of that Aussie holiday and this time, though much closer, its something I have been waiting for a long long time.
Spiti, the land of my countless dreams, the one destination I have wanted to be at for I do not know how long. Its happening now, this time its for real.6th of June, I set sail and its going to be 1 week of just me, my bike and the mighty Himalayas.

After several rounds of planning and discussion with my friends I came to the conclusion that may be this idea is my own, may be this thing gives a rush just to me and may be they are saying yes just because a NO on my face can make me feel bad. Now that I have come to terms with going solo, its like being on a totally different podium altogether. Now, more than ever, the planning has to be fool proof, now I have no back-up and now any screw-up can cost dear.

May be this is just the vacation I was looking for, where there are no fallbacks, there are no plan B’s and where help is just a relative word. I have heard, there are stretches there, where you find no human settlement for kilometers. The idea though scary, also provides me avenues of unspoilt fun. Didn’t I always want to just go there and get lost? Where else could I get a better opportunity?

So this is it guys, Spiti is happening, come what may. The first weekend of June, ahh I was so much waiting for it.
But first things first, have to get my bike and my itinerary in order. My bike goes to a couple of places this month, first is Karol Bagh, I will have it parked with an auto mechanic for a few days and have him operate it (I mean literally). It’s going to be the first real overhaul for it. A lot of stuff needs to be changed, starting for the handle bar to the meter pods, to the rubber ware connected to the engine, to the battery and lights,phew..The old guy took quite some beating in his time. Then after that’s done, the Pulsar 150 classic goes to Castrol Bike Zone, for the tunings and servicing.
That done, I need gear, rucksacks, gloves, maintenance kits for my bike and myself and a hell lot of SPF 40.

So, now that it looks like a plan and I have already started working on it, cant tell you how happy I am, just like last time, the time when I had a goal in front of me, like the days when I was trying to lose weight, like the time when I had to reach that target no matter what, pursuits that have an end in sight or in vision. I find it particularly interesting because I still have to figure out that one thing in my life, that one big goal that would keep me motivated, charged and happy every given hour and day. Till then I am happy with my little ambitions, mini goals and solo rides.

Will get back with the itinerary and the updates.


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