Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I want to run again

Running was the most fun I had in recent times. It was like doing the best you can every day, it used to be the maximum effort I could pour into any activity and it came with huge amounts of satisfaction.
It was late in 2007 when I realized that if I keep growing at the same pace, I may end up being the uncle next door, and the bald patch, now very conspicuous was not doing any good to my looks either. I blame it all on Delhi, the awesome food here and also my 1-month long state of deprivation in Bangalore where finding good north Indian food on a regular basis is a challenge in itself. So, when I came to Delhi, one of the seven sins caught up with me, Gluttony.
Eating no longer used to define my tryst with food, hogging was a better word. I was being drawn into it, and despite knowing it; I was doing nothing about it (well the chana bhatura’s were so tempting).
So, in the winters of 2007 I decided to run. My first day on the road was horrible, I just could not run, I did 100 meters on a light jog and was panting. Another 100 and the panting became ‘almost fainting’. But, I came again the next day, it was better, my first 100 meters became 110 meters and panting became huffing. Another motivation had been added to my morning routine, a tall blonde expat from Canada who used to run like a marathoner and my relationship with her started and ended with exchange of a few smiles and good mornings.
I braved cold winter winds of northern plains and in 3 months was doing 2 Kms. My weight was steadily going down and I was loving it, running felt like my only reason to exist and I started doing 2 runs a day. Man that was amazing period of my life, I used to go office beaming, worked with a hell lot of energy and was very cheerful. Gradually 2 kms became 5 and in 6 months I was doing 8 kms. I used to think about those early days when running was toil and compared with the present when I used to just eat out kilometers. My ipod was a big big factor. It helped me break that very crucial Body – Brain connection and I used to run long distances. I max-ed at 11.5-12 Kms, during my preparations for the Delhi half Marathon event (which I would go on to miss).

And suddenly, after a year and half of running daily, no matter what, braving colds, rains and fevers, I found myself fallen off running. Suddenly I was not running any more and I hated it. I just could not find that motivation and determination of last year. My weight was under control and I did not need to run any more.

And now after much introspection I have realized it is not that I need running, I now want it. So, since Mondays never come, I am starting running again tomorrow onwards, come what may, will be pounding pavements again.

Once a runner, always a runner.


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